10 Times You Might Consider a Dumpster Rental

Are you bracing yourself for a huge clean-out? While no one wants to do the thankless task, we all know it has to be done and any way to make it easier is surely worth the money. For just a small price, how would you feel if you could cut down the time and effort by almost half? Hiring a dumpster is the answer to your prayers. Below, we discuss how a dumpster rental service can help you in your clean up.

1. Having a Garage Clean Out

If you are looking to build yourself a den, install a workshop, or just make more room for a new car, then you will require a garage cleanout. Unlike many of the rooms in your house, cleaning a garage will require the removal of heavy, bulky items. Renting a dumpster is a quick and easy way to dispose of these items.

Also, you can carry on clearing the rest of the house until the dumpster is filled. Any old appliances can go, as can boxes and trunks left in the attic. The house will look fresh, tidy, and have lots more room for living.

2. Spring Cleaning

Just like the garage cleanout, a spring clean is a time to rid yourself of all the unwanted junk that your family accumulates. You should undertake a large cleaning project at least once a year regardless. This can be made a lot easier with the dumpster rentals.

Bedrooms can be rid of old soft furnishings, bathrooms can have fittings replaced and living rooms can have dated ornaments and appliances removed. Also, be sure to get under the staircase, into the basement and the attic to free up some space.

3. After a Flood

It can be extremely sad to say goodbye to belongings and furnishings you worked hard for. They will have many good memories and are a part of you as much as the house. However, when flooding occurs, no matter how hard you try, soaked items are beyond saving.

Upholstery, books, rugs, and carpets that get wet will soon be breeding grounds for mold. Mold can look unsightly, smell bad, and cause serious health problems. Renting a dumpster will allow you to dispose of all these items in one go.

4. When the Roof Gets Replaced

Replacing a roof is a lot of hard work. New tiles need to be brought in, lifted onto the roof, and the old ones need to be sent down. The roof tiles that come off are always extremely heavy, and you will need a way to dispose of them.

You could load up your car or truck pile by pile. However, this is even more backbreaking work and can even damage suspension if you overload a small vehicle. Save time and labor by renting a dumpster and throwing them straight in.

5. Using a Dumpster Rental During Landscaping Projects

Green waste gets extremely heavy. Also, the very nature of its many sizes, grains, textures, and shapes make it very hard to transport. Some of it needs shoveling, some of it needs packing into bags, and all of it needs to be gone by the end of the project.

Landscaping projects are undoubtedly a time when you must hire a dumpster. Your regular trash can will quickly fill up. You do not want to install a beautiful project, then be left with bags of debris and refuse lying around.

6. Remodelling Kitchens and Bathrooms

Both kitchens and bathroom refits are heavy on old materials. They employ a lot of heavy grade materials, such as porcelain and piping. In addition, it’s likely that they will also need a lot of tiles moving.

Flooring will also need to comes up, which may also be more tiles or wood. All these materials mount up. You can either hire a dumpster or get ready for a lot of trips back and forth to the tip.

7. You Are Moving Home

Preparing for a house move is the optimum time for a clear out. As you start to pack and box, anything you have not used can go in a clear-out pile. This clear-out pile will get very big, very quick.

If you can not be bothered to pack it and carry it to your new property, the chances are that you really don’t need it. Some items will even be cheaper to buy once again in your new property than pack up and transport. Use dumpster rentals to get rid of the clear-out pile.

8. Making Room for Guests

Everyone is guilty of packing up the spare room with things that do not have a place anywhere else. Perhaps you just could not be bothered to carry them down to the basement or up to the attic. If you double the spare room as a study, it can also be tempting to fill it with documents or papers that just need shredding and disposing of.

Once guests announce their arrival, you need to do something with those items quickly. Dumpster rentals are a quick way to get rid of all the items at once before your friends and family come to stay.

9. Clearing Out a Rental Property

If you are a landlord, then you will already know the headache that comes when clearing out a vacated property. Despite stating that the place must be cleared, tenants still leave bags of old belongings and trash. This is often in the places you would least expect.

When you want to move quickly so you can do repairs and get new people in, dumpster rentals can let you clear out fast. If not, you are spending time, and that equates to money.

10. Clearing Out an Office

If your office is moving or renovating, then you will need to have a large cleanout. With many documents going digital, you probably do not need all that reams of paper that have backed up over the years. Throw it out with the dated furniture and get a fresh start.

Start Cleaning Today

As you can see, dumpster rental is a great choice for any big clean up. All you need is the time and wherewithal to see your clean through to the end.

If you need a dumpster rental in Florida, then make Dumpster Medic your number one stop. We have a range of sizes available with low rental costs. Contact us for a quote, get your big clean done now, and let us help you with the tidy up.

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