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Starting Over: Furniture Disposal Tips for Your Home Renovation

Home renovations are often unavoidable.

Indeed, 4 out of 5 homes in the US are at least two decades old. According to the same source, 2 out of 5 are at least 5 decades old.

As you can see, the majority of houses in this country are getting a little long in the tooth! It’s only natural that they’d need renovation work to ensure they continue looking and functioning well.

Thankfully, renovating your home is an exciting prospect.

But it’s a big task too, which usually involves a lot of work. Of all the jobs to do, though, furniture disposal can one that’s both key and confusing. What on earth do you do with all that old, damaged, and unwanted furniture?

We want to provide you with some answers to that exact question!

Keep reading to learn 7 key tips for disposing of old furniture when renovating your home.

1. Advertise It Online

People buy everything and anything on the internet these days.

You name it and you can find it online.

Conversely, there’s almost always a willing buyer out there. No matter the age, style, size, or condition of your unwanted furniture, somebody, somewhere, might want it.

Give it a shot! Use any of the various online platforms to create a listing and advertise your furnishings. Craigslist and eBay are two widely-used sites to consider; social media sites such as Facebook are other options.

If you can’t sell it, then give it away instead. Promote the item as a freebie and you stand a far better chance of someone taking it off your hands.

2. Put It Out Front

Can’t find a willing recipient online?

Well, think about turning your front yard (or the curb) into the marketplace instead. In other words, put the furniture on the curb outside your house and stick a sign on it saying it’s free.

Anybody passing by will see your stuff and, you never know, take it away with them.

This is a go-to means of disposal for homeowners everywhere! It has been, and always will be, a classic way to get rid of things you no longer want/need. Even if somebody doesn’t take it straight away, they might come back later, or tell their friends about it.

Of course, the success of this approach depends on having foot traffic. You’re unlikely to see your things disappear in quiet areas where nobody walks.

3. Ask Friends and Family

Your mum might have had her eyes on your couch for years.

Your dad might have long sought your desk or dining table.

Your best friend might hold a secret desire for your kitchen stools.

You never know, the secret to disposing of your old furniture might be as easy as asking your friends and family! Find out by speaking to your nearest and dearest and you could save yourself lots of hassle down the line.

4. Give It to Charity

You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Why not combine your disposal needs with doing a good deed and donating it? Assuming it isn’t damaged beyond repair, your old furniture might be perfect for charity and thrift shops.

Call up the ones in your area to tell them what you have available. Alternatively, pay them a visit and take some photos of what you’re trying to give away. With enough interest, you might even find that they’ll come and collect your items for free.

However it works out, successfully donating your furniture makes everyone a winner! You get rid of your things, someone else gets to furnish their home with it, and the charity shop earns some money.

5. Recycle It

Ask yourself this: Can my unwanted furniture be turned into something new and desirable?

Your beaten up old dining table might be a bad choice for your freshly renovated space. With a bit of sawing, sanding, and splicing, though, it might make a set of ideal coffee tables for your new living room.

With a bit of effort and ingenuity, your furnishings can get a new lease of life. Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint or a splash of varnish! Suddenly, you’ve got a ‘new’ furnishing for your home and saved yourself the hassle of disposing of it.

Here are some top upcycling ideas to get you started.

6. Take It to Landfill

Taking your furniture to the landfill isn’t ideal.

For one thing, it’s a waste! As we’ve seen, your old things might be exactly what somebody else is looking for in their home. Dumping it all means it’s good for nothing–not to mention the negative environmental impact involved.

However, it’s definitely a quick way to rid of your things.

Taking your furniture to the landfill requires two things: a will and way. You need to:

  1. Have the time and inclination to load your furniture into a trailer and haul it down to the dump, and
  2. Have a trailer/truck that’s large enough to allow you to do it.

If neither of those is a problem, then, by all means, head down to the landfill at your earliest convenience!

7. Hire a Dumpster

Ready for the easiest way to get rid of your stuff?

Hire a dumpster.

A professional dumpster company will bring one to your front door. Find one with sufficient space and you can simply load up your unwanted possessions. When you’re done, the same company will come and take it away for you.

There’s no trip to the tip, and no lugging and hauling of furnishings around town. Follow the rules, and furniture disposal doesn’t get much more straight-forward.

Time to Employ These Furniture Disposal Tips

Home renovation happens all the time in the US, and it’s almost always a big task.

Of the endless number of items on your to-do list, getting rid of your old furniture can be one of the most pressing.

Hopefully, this post has provided all the furniture disposal tips you need to get the job done!

Ready to do it the easy way? Contact us today to get a dumpster delivered to your Florida door.

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