Construction Disposal: 10 Tips for Getting Rid of Waste

The construction and demolition industry produces over 600 million tonnes of debris every year.

When we think of the construction industry, we don’t tend to think about the destruction part of it. It seems creating waste is inevitable when it comes to building and construction.

Given that the construction industry generates so much waste, it stands to reason that construction disposal presents an opportunity to work smarter and reduce the impact of waste on the environment. Historically, waste is collected and sent to landfill sites but that approach is short sited.

In this article, you’ll read about 10 tips for getting rid of waste. As you read through these tips, you’ll see that waste need not be wasteful and that there are opportunities to save money and save the environment. Now that’s a worthwhile read!

1. Start Sustainable

Start how you mean to go on. Taking a sustainable approach to the construction process will help you to plan ahead as to the types of materials you’ll be using in construction and types of waste produced.┬áPlan to use sustainable materials wherever possible. A large percentage of waste produced on a building site comes from unused materials.

The smarter you are in using the materials that come on-site with multiple applications, the less unused material you will generate. This type of approach helps to reduce waste created on your site and that is one of the best ways of getting rid of waste.

2. Reduce Packing Materials

You will need to work closely with your suppliers to make sure that building materials delivered only come with essential packing materials. There are many opportunities to reduce the volume of cardboard and other paper-based packing materials.

Reduce the packing material, and you will reduce the overall waste coming from your building site. Use suppliers that have their own green policy and it will be easier to achieve your goal of reducing the waste coming onto site.

3. Green Construction

Plan to recycle and reuse materials on your site. It is unavoidable that you will still produce waste, but if the waste comes from recyclable material then it can be diverted for further use elsewhere.

Remember, many different materials can be recycled and used in other industries. For example, concrete, brick, drywall, metal, plastics, paper and cardboard, and many other materials are all recyclable.

4. Donate Not Destroy

Depending on what types of waste materials you’re producing on-site, it’s possible that other industries will want to come and use them. In fact, if you plan it right, others will come and collect those materials from your site for you.

For this to work, you need to think ahead about what materials will appeal to who and reach out to them in advance so they can plan to collect them in a timely manner.

5. Organized for Less Waste

A well-organized site is a less wasteful site. This basic principle we know to be true from many other areas of life, including our homes. When we’ve organized a place for everything on site, we will know what materials we have available and will be able to better manage the flow material on and off the site.

Being organized will support many of the other processes needed to reduce construction debris disposal. For example, recycling is an excellent intention but it cannot be achieved on a chaotic building site. As an example, dumpsters of different sizes can be used to organize waste materials according to those that will be reused and those that will leave the site.

6. Thrifty Use of Materials

To achieve this, you need to educate your workers. They need to develop an economical or thrifty mindset in how they use materials. The construction industry is notoriously wasteful, so you will have to work hard to help your workers see that many offcuts and used materials can still be used elsewhere on site.

7. Measure Waste Output

To know whether your efforts to reduce waste on site are really working, you need some sort of metric. If you know the volume or capacity of the various dumpster you are using then you can multiply that by the number of loads to calculate your overall volume of waste leaving the site.

As you apply the advice and strategies in this article to reduce waste, you should see that your construction projects progressively reduce the volume of waste leaving your site. Keeping good records will allow you to leverage that data as part of your marketing and green policy.

8. Preserve Materials

Building materials need proper storage on site. Some materials need to be prepared on-site before they are ready to be used in the construction. Materials that are poorly stored can spoil and in the end be fit for very little.

This point helps us to see that reducing waste is a multi-faceted challenge and hinges on the effective use of materials, and not creating waste needlessly.

9. Reusable Tools and Techniques

Consider construction processes and tools that you use which become obsolete after a short period of time and contribute to the need for construction waste disposal. For example, concrete formations that rely on wood or plywood have a limited lifespan. In contrast, metal alternatives can be cleaned and used over and over again.

10. Deconstruction Not Demolition

Deconstruction is a different philosophy in preparing the construction site. Instead of clearing out everything to prepare the new site, a deconstruction approach is more methodical and thoughtful about the materials involved and how they could be reused in the new construction process. That means creating less waste.

Smarter Construction Disposal of Waste

In this article, you’ve read about 10 tips for getting rid of waste. As you’ve seen, construction disposal should start with improving your construction processes and planning so as not to create excessive waste. Materials that are waste should be recycled whenever possible and that requires good organization.

Using dumpsters to help organize your site and collect waste for removal is essential. If you need more advice about dumpster sizes and types suitable for your site then please get in touch with us.

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